New Green

We finished installing a solar photovoltaic generation system (solar panels) on the roof of our corporate headquarters and unveiled the $1.3 million project to employees on our first annual Sustainability Day, July 1, 2010. These solar panels presently supply 50% of our electrical usage and we have an ambitious long-term goal of reducing electrical usage to net zero.

Binsky Mechanical created a Green Committee to oversee this and other new green initiatives. This committee consists of employees from every department and focuses on: material resource, indoor environment, site and water, and energy conservation. Other goals of this committee include reducing our carbon footprint, improving employee comfort and obtaining LEED Silver building accreditation for our existing facility.

We believe it is the right thing to do, so Happy Sustainability Day! We look forward to “Going Green Together” with our clients and our employees.

Please read more about our sustainability projects.