NextGen Builders Training 2024

Introduction to PPM & Vision Building Workshop

June 26-27, 2024

⌚ Arrive by 8AM on Wednesday for Breakfast.

Meeting starts at 9AM.

📍 River House at Odette’s

274 River Rd, New Hope, PA 18938

Binsky created NextGen Builders to revolutionize the construction industry from within. We seek to identify and empower visionary individuals within our company who have the potential to redefine how the world builds. You are one of those people.

Let’s Change the Way the World Builds Together.


Introduction to Project Production Management

Understand the core principles and methodologies that drive effective project production management. Learn how to optimize resources, streamline processes, and achieve project milestones efficiently.

Vision Building Workshop

A peer-led collaborative session designed to align our efforts with Binsky’s Vision. This workshop will focus on our shared path to success, emphasizing our core values as the foundation of our journey.

What to Expect

Dress Code: Business Casual

  • Button-down shirts, sweaters, blouses, henleys or polo shirts, knee-length or longer dresses, etc.
  • Slacks or business dress pants, khakis, chinos, knee-length skirts, etc.
  • Cardigans, blazers or sport coat optional

Training Focus

This training program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in project production management and for you to understand and become an active participant in Binsky’s Vision and empower you to Change the Way the World Builds.


you’ll have a unique opportunity to step out of your usual circle and network with coworkers you don’t typically interact with. This is your chance to engage with colleagues from different departments, share diverse perspectives, and build valuable connections.

*Please Make Your Dinner Selection by Monday 6/17*