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Expert Piping Fabrication, Manufacturing & Package Systems

Prefabricated construction uses components built in dedicated offsite facilities, which are later transported and assembled on the job site. Fabrication is experiencing rapid growth across North America, primarily due to its ability to reduce costs and construction times while improving build quality.

Binsky has been a leader in mechanical piping fabrication, manufacturing and package systems for over 25 years. Our team produces fabricated components in cleanroom conditions, including the packaging of piping and equipment into prefabricated assemblies. With piping fabrication, labor-intensive operations occur in a controlled environment earlier in the project schedule, increasing productivity and reducing build times.

Binsky operates a 130,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art, dedicated fabrication facility in Ewing, New Jersey.

Benefits of Fabrication and Manufacturing

The benefits of prefabrication go beyond reducing costs and production times. They also include:

  • Improved quality control
  • Repeatable outcomes and finished products with greater consistency
  • Reduced job site labor requirements
  • Minimal workplace interruptions
  • Increased safety
  • Use of advanced design production tools like 3D modeling
  • Less onsite material waste

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