Building Management Systems

Management for Your Building's Systems

Building automation and control systems are the brain for your HVAC equipment and serve as an energy management tool. This type of system is a computerized, intelligent network of electrical devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical and lighting systems in the building. The core function of a building management system (BMS) is to keep the building climate within a specified range and provide lighting based on an occupancy schedule.

What a BMS Can Do

The system will automatically open outside air dampers, control temperature, exhaust stale air, operate humidifiers, turn off lights and log equipment run-time. Usage history will show for how long and during what time period your system was in use. The information taken from your BMS logs will help you determine how much energy is consumed, by whom and during what time periods.

A BMS monitors performance as well as device failures, of which it can notify the building engineering staff via electronic message. Binsky Service can provide your building with such a system, and the training of your building’s staff on how to use it.

We have systems installed in:

  • Office buildings
  • Universities
  • Elementary schools
  • Hospitals
  • Multiple-housing complexes
  • And many other facilities

Building automation can also be established for off-site maintenance, similar to how our team set-up the system for a customer in Moscow, Russia. The proper operation of your building automation system will provide a comfortable environment for occupants of your building and is a valuable resource for identifying possible energy-saving alternatives. Our team includes professional technicians that are knowledgeable in the installation and service of all building control systems.

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