Diversity & Inclusion

Binsky Is Committed to Embracing a Diverse Workforce

We drive our vision around Diversity & Inclusion in three ways:

1. Awareness

Promote Training and Learning to Support Individuality

As the industry has evolved, workplace cultures need to be inclusive and more respectful. Our office and jobsite management drive a culture that attracts and retains high-performing employees from many backgrounds.

Binsky leads our industry by placing equality at the heart of our business. We continuously seek ways to create an inclusive workplace in order to attract new talent, ensure staff are happy and committed, and improve productivity.

2. Support

Advocate and Drive Growth for Diverse Segments

Binsky is continually seeking employees who share our Core Values and have a diverse background.

On Our Job Sites:

On almost every job we do, we employ at least 10% of minority workers and/or minority or women-owned businesses. We do this through our partnership with our local unions to drive labor statistics, as well as through our desire to only work with legitimate and active women-owned and minority-owned vendors and subcontractors.

In our Offices:

We routinely scan the employment environment to seek top diverse talent to fill roles at our company. We live by our Core Values, and we recognize that respect in our workplace drives profitability and long-term tenure for our most valuable asset –our employees.

3. Engage

Celebrate and Leverage Diverse Organizations

Winning in the competitive construction market requires that we distinguish Binsky in different ways to grow our bottom line. To grow in the markets we serve, we need to be better at delivering what our customers need. We do this by leveraging the various experiences, talents and ideas of the diverse talent we bring in. We hold everyone accountable to do this as a part of our D&I vision.

We also regularly look for opportunities to financially support those diverse organizations whose vision lines up with our own. We connect with organizations such as National Association of Women in Construction (NWAIC) to do this.

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