Virtual Construction

Reduce Project Timeline and Cost with Virtual Construction Services

Virtual construction services leverage the power of digitization to shorten project schedules and help complete construction more cost-effectively.

Binsky’s team of expert designers uses sophisticated Building Information Modeling to create a “digital twin” of the completed project. This digital representation helps identify potential issues, cost-savings, and opportunities for prefabrication and modular construction solutions.

Binsky's virtual construction services improve production quality, reduce safety risks, and increase field productivity.

The Benefits of Virtual Construction

Binsky’s virtual construction services provide our customers with many benefits throughout the project lifecycle, from initial design to project completion. These include:

  • Improved collaboration and accountability between team members
  • Greater construction efficiency
  • Increased accuracy of budgets and schedules
  • Minimized change orders
  • Impacts to the bottom line for all partners
  • Reduced potential hazards on the jobsite
  • Increased safety of every individual involved in the project by allowing for earlier and advanced risk assessments

Optimize Your Construction Lifecycle With Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) connects teams, data, and workflows across the full project lifecycle by building smart and data-rich virtual models. As a leader in BIM, Binsky is actively pushing the development of 4D BIM (time) and 5D BIM (cost), and is developing a holistic approach to facilities management with 6D BIM. Using BIM improves project visibility, enhances decision-making, and helps eliminate scheduling and budget overruns.

Visualize Your Project with Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR help designers and builders “see” projects in virtual conceptual models before construction begins. 3D scanning and AR/VR can speed design reviews and sign-offs, accelerate time to design, streamline documentation requirements, and improve collaboration.

Digital Twins: Designing Buildings of the Future

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a construction project that can be updated with real-time data. Our designers use digital twinning and software simulations to enhance decision-making, streamline operational and production processes, and identify opportunities for prefabrication.

Binsky’s Scanning Capabilities

Watch this short video to learn how we utilize scanning to create a digital twin of your project.

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