Field Construction Services

Optimizing the ‘Design, Bid, Build’ Process

Binsky’s traditional field construction services (AKA “design, bid, build”) are designed to optimize even the most complex construction projects. By employing state-of-the-art mechanical construction technologies and prefabrication methods, we can maximize efficiency and identify cost-savings throughout the project lifecycle.

Binsky’s technology-driven construction processes will help keep your project on time and on schedule.

Project Planning

At the beginning of every project, Binsky’s expert project managers create a detailed plan and timeline that accounts for every activity, dependency, and resource requirement. This plan serves as a blueprint to enable collaboration between all project stakeholders, and is a key component of the design, bid, build process.

Project Kick-Off

The success of many projects is determined before construction begins. A formal kick-off meeting provides all stakeholders with a clear view of project goals, requirements, and individual tasks. Scheduling, financial controls, and other productivity-tracking systems are established before work begins.


The Binsky team combines time-tested processes and best practices with emerging technology solutions to manage every job with maximum efficiency, regardless of size or complexity. Our project managers employ specialized scheduling software to optimize tasks and labor force allocation, reduce project risks, and promote collaboration.


Implementation is often viewed as the most challenging step in the construction process, so it’s crucial to partner with experienced professionals. At Binsky, we’ve built our reputation over many years by successfully delivering complex projects — on schedule and on budget. We have decades of experience managing well-trained and experienced union steamfitters, plumbers, pipe fitters, laborers, boiler makers, millwrights, sheet metal workers, and insulators. Our work in mission-critical industries like pharmaceutical, healthcare, and higher education is renowned for its adherence to the highest standards of purity, safety, and precise documentation.

Project Controls

Effective control systems provide real-time tracking of costs, deadlines, and productivity. We utilize our own proprietary project management software along with Sage Intacct cloud based financial management program and other innovative construction software tools. Together, these solutions enhance cross-functional communications, improve project visibility, and help our team manage budgets and schedules more effectively.

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