Binsky’s Operations team utilizes state of the art technology to create virtual models of our projects. Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) allows for improved collaboration and accountability between team members, greater construction efficiency, heightened cost and timeline accuracy, minimized change orders, and bottom line impact. VDC also benefits the Safety Manager. Viewing the model prior to construction will allow for risk assessment and reduces potential hazards on the jobsite.

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) slowly becoming the standard for project delivery, it is more crucial than ever that your New Jersey and Pennsylvania mechanical services partner have expert designers to take advantage of this virtual world of construction.

As an early adopter of BIM technology Binsky has evolved from three-dimensional drafting and CAD to a leader developing true digital twins. Effectively leveraging the capability of BIM has enabled Binsky to compete with its non-union competitors who pay far less for field labor wages. The true enablement of BIM through the Binsky Proven Process drives an increase in pre-fabricated work and saves our customer both labor and material. Building smart and data rich models enables collaboration and coordination on a level never seen before in the construction industry. As a leader in BIM capability the Binsky team is actively pushing the development of 4D BIM (Time), and 5D BIM (COST), and with our service operations developing a holistic approach to Facilities Management with 6D BIM.

AR/VR –The Binsky Virtual Construction Services is actively using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets to visualize virtual designs in space. Our Virtual Reality solutions allow us to view conceptual models in a virtual space before we ever begin construction. This is especially helpful when considering increasingly complex multi-trade racks and modular solutions like prefabricated equipment rooms. We continue to work with our development partners on the next generation of Augmented Reality that will work side by side with Smart Helmets and Safety Apps to keep workers and job sites safe. We are especially excited for the continued advancements our team is making with Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual Reality (VR) is strictly a digital experience, AR creates a truly immersive experience that combines the real world with a digital overlay, allowing the user to interact with the 3D images in the physical surrounding as they move through an area with special headset or mobile device.

At Binsky, not only can we operate in this world, we thrive in it. Advances in virtual design and construction now allow for design software to be utilized as a tool in the planning, pre-construction, execution, and maintenance phases of a building or facility. BIM's unique technology allows us to test ideas, try alternatives and spot interferences before fabrication ever begins

Prior to construction, our team will create a digital representation of the constructed project to accurately communicate the design to all parties engaged in the project. At this point, the design and construction teams can use this model to review cost, progression, and construction feasibility. Once a model is finalized, our fabrication team can begin to assemble large portions of the design inhouse; improving accuracy and reducing field construction time. This process drives/enables our pre-fabrication, modularization, and overall delivery efficiency. Mechanical systems are one of the most complicated and critical design elements during construction. Binsky’s experience and capacity in virtual design make us an ideal partner in your construction design.

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