Energy Audit

Discover How Your Building Utilizes Energy

Conducting an energy audit of your building is an all-encompassing service that allows Binsky Service to examine your existing systems and current use of building utilities. Our expert service technicians will identify the efficiency of your equipment, how you are spending your money on utilities, where you could be saving money, and where you can increase the efficiency and overall indoor quality of your building. We can also service your commercial HVAC system to help your systems become more efficient.

Along with the energy audit we will provide an extensive cost-benefit analysis. Binsky Service professionals will provide you with an outlook of the costs and benefits of upgrading your building systems’ efficiencies. This analysis will include a timeline outlining the payback schedule of your energy savings.

Advantages to Having an Energy Audit

There are a range of benefits you can experience with an energy audit, such as:

  • Extending the life of systems in your building
  • Improving the quality of the air inside the building
  • Allowing for a more comfortable environment
  • Improving the energy efficiency of your systems
  • Having an accurate measurement of your energy usage

Energy Simulation Modeling

Our technicians at Binsky Service are also capable of providing you with energy simulation modeling. Energy modeling analyzes many of the energy consuming components in your building and evaluates their energy use. It is a proactive approach to energy savings and eliminates the need for extensive testing of energy loss.

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