Start Up & Commissioning

A Trusted Form to Ensure the Quality of Your System

Start Up is a quality assurance measure for today’s complex building designs and fast-paced construction timeline. Building commissioning begins in the design or build stages and confirms that systems function according to the manufacturer’s original specifications. Binsky will work with your architects or engineers to develop a start up and warranty plan that fits the requirements of your business and equipment.

Commissioning for existing buildings, also known as retro-commissioning, is a process where our expert technicians and engineers will analyze and optimize your existing building systems. It focuses on identifying low-cost operational and maintenance improvements and, if need be, major equipment replacement to restore your building’s systems to optimal performance.

How Start Up and Warranty Can Benefit You:

  • Provide you with more control over the cost of construction
  • Eliminate or reduce some operational issues
  • Reduce risk to the building’s ownership
  • Quality Assurance for Your Building

Binsky will provide you with an assessment of the existing operating conditions of your building and provide recommendations for solutions to HVAC issues. After the appropriate operating changes have been made, we will train your building’s staff on the correct way to operate and maintain your system or our technicians can manage them moving forward. Building commissioning can be a win-win-win situation for the owners, operators, and occupants.

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