Five Things To Consider Before Hiring a Mechanical Subcontractor

1. Experience

When choosing a mechanical subcontractor for your project, their experience is a substantial determining factor. Aside from the obvious tasks including temperature control and maintenance of equipment, an experienced mechanical contractor will focus on functional installation, cost, and energy efficiency. Their goal should not only be to provide a smooth and excellent installation, rather assess your individual needs and assist you in the design of your mechanical systems. Additionally, a company with many years of experience can work on all HVAC systems regardless of manufacturer or brand. An established contractor will possess long-lasting client relationships, allowing for references to solidify their ability to complete your project.

2. Safety

The construction industry is associated with some of the most dangerous working environments. A subcontractor’s safety program should be of the highest priority for all stakeholders. It is a vital component to completing your project on time and budget, as accidents on the job site will drive up the overall cost of your project, and investigations could potentially delay work. A solid safety program protects workers, as well as the public, from injury. Ask your prospective subcontractor about their program. What actions are taken to ensure a safe job site? Is safety part of their culture? This information will be a key factor in your decision-making.

3. Can the contractor deliver within your budget and schedule?

There is no denying that budget and schedule are two of the most important factors when planning a construction project. Request a detailed estimate and schedule to ensure it aligns with your project needs. A reliable contractor should have the capabilities to overcome a setback and still deliver your project within your financial and scheduling constraints. Always remember, it is important not to compromise the quality of work while planning the scope of the project. The lowest-priced contractor may not always have the highest standards.

4. Staying up to date with industry standards

Mechanical contractors that stay current in construction technology trends are at a much greater advantage when working on large projects. Newer, more efficient tools and software will reduce project time, material waste, and safety hazards. Many of the recent construction trends focus on environmental impact. Staying up to date with industry standards guarantees the highest quality of work with the most efficient results. Be sure to ask questions about how the company stays current in their industry.

5. Setting expectations with strong communication

Take note of how responsive a contractor is when addressing your initial requests. Construction projects often require meetings to address issues, change orders, and timelines. Poor communication will result in project delays. A great contractor will establish a strong line of communication with their clients, setting high expectations for project success. Does the team take the time to explain the construction process? Do they answer your questions thoroughly and offer follow-up information? These are important things to consider when looking for an innovative mechanical subcontractor.

When planning your next construction project, keep in mind: mechanical systems require some of the most creative and complex preparation. Choosing the right mechanical subcontractor can make or break your bottom line. Partner with Binsky to experience the highest level of quality, service, and expertise. Contact our experts for a free consultation at 877-4-BINSKY.

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