Defining Specialty Plumbing Services

As in most building systems, the plumbing needs or potential problems related to the plumbing systems in commercial buildings can result in quite complicated scenarios requiring complex solutions. These complex solutions can include activities like backflow prevention, video scoping, hot water jetting, and more. Together, these processes and solutions fall under the umbrella of specialty plumbing services.

A reliable MEP provider serving commercial HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, such as Binsky, knows how to determine which of these solutions your commercial building needs for uninterrupted operations. With a client portfolio made up of leaders in pharmaceutical, healthcare and higher education, Binsky’s experienced team of plumbing experts is well versed in helping building owners and operators identify what’s needed when to prevent downtime and unnecessary expenses.

Let’s take a closer look at the specialty plumbing services certain commercial facilities require to help you plan for success and stay ahead of your building’s needs:

Backflow Prevention

Situations like pressure changes within water pipes or a break in the water line can cause a backflow of water in your plumbing systems, not to mention some very unsanitary conditions. Backflow water can bring many contaminates, including waste, pesticides, and other chemicals with it.

Like the name states, backflow preventers allow water to flow through pipes in the desired direction only by preventing water from flowing the opposite way. Backflow prevention is so important, in fact, that the National Plumbing Code has become more and more focused on the installation and maintenance of backflow preventers in industrial or commercial plumbing in recent years.

At Binsky, our specialty plumbing team is knowledgeable about the current requirements for backflow prevention and how it pertains to your building. From recommending the proper backflow preventer to installation and maintenance, we can help you understand these requirements and prevent backflow from affecting your facilities.

Video Scoping

Sometimes, plumbing problems occur where you cannot see them. A variety of issues can arise from unidentified blockage or even pipe breakage. Unfortunately, it is often the problematic symptoms of these root causes that show up first. The root cause, however, is typically not visible to the untrained eye. This is precisely why it’s important to engage an experienced professional with video scoping capabilities.

Despite not being able to view the root cause of plumbing pipe issues firsthand, a professional is able to make an educated guess about what the problem may be and then confirm with video scoping. By fishing a specialized camera and equipment through the pipe, professionals are able to visually inspect what is going on inside like obstructed piping or pipe in need of repair. This integral specialty plumbing service can help quickly locate—and solve—a problem, ultimately saving building owners both time and money.

Hot Water Jetting

If a portion of a pipe or plumbing system has already been identified as obstructed, hot water jetting may be a viable solution. Using high-pressure hot water to blast through clogged pipes, hot water jetting can also break down certain substances lodged in your facility’s piping.

Well known in the restaurant, automotive, and healthcare industries, hot water jetting is paramount in commercial facilities needing to rid drain lines of harmful contaminants. Hot water jetting has proven useful in liquefying clogged waste, killing bacteria, and preventing a clog from being washed down further in the line. This solution is often faster and more efficient than other methods, too.

Preventative Maintenance

Last but not least, taking a proactive approach to your commercial building’s maintenance is always a good idea. With a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, building owners and operators can stay on top of the health of the facility by adhering to a predefined preventative maintenance schedule.

A good preventative maintenance program helps identify any specialty plumbing needs early on, thereby saving building owners from experiencing a loss in uptime that negatively affects building occupants and operations. Another plus of preventative maintenance is that it has become a key selling point in attracting and maintaining quality tenants for commercial rental spaces because, giving potential tenants peace of mind that any potential issues will be proactively addressed.

From backflow prevention and video scoping to hot water jetting and preventative maintenance, Binsky knows what it takes to take on the specialty plumbing needs of your commercial facilities. Our expertise focuses on your building systems so that you can continue to concentrate on the work you do best. As the world begins to get back to business in a post-pandemic society, Binsky is ready to provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. Contact us today to determine how we can assist with your commercial building specialty plumbing needs.

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